Hi Net Neighbors!

I’ve been around the block a while now and with every new year that passes I see more and more people being given new tech for the holidays. Oh the number of people I’ve encountered who held a new tablet or computer, their eyes wide and weary, and say, “My kid gave this to me for Christmas and I don’t know what to do with it.” If this is you, then I want you to remember a few things.

1) It’s okay that you don’t know everything about it. After all, you don’t know Esperanto and no one gives you gruff about that.

2) You are NEVER too old to learn something new. In fact, learning new things is good for you and your brain.

3) There is no timetable for learning. No one learns the same way or at the same speed. If you are having problems learning something don’t beat yourself up, you just haven’t found your way.

4) Reach out to others. Ask them to SHOW you not just do it. If you are working with someone younger, remind them about point 3. You might even need to remind them it took twice as long for them to be potty trained as their sibling, and that is a far more vital skill than knowing how to download an app.

5) While books can be a great way to learn, by their very nature they are always going to be behind the march of technology. Don’t be afraid to look at YouTube videos or sites like this.

6) No one, not even me, knows everything about technology and the Net Neighborhood and that’s okay. To this day I’ll look for the answers to my questions.

7) Nothing is supposed to “just work”. Cars act up, lights turn off, ovens have to be set five degrees hotter because the gauge is a little off. Why then do you think your phone or tablet is different?.

8) And finally, if you’re getting frustrated then set it down. No one learns when they’re frustrated. Set it down, do something else, and come back when you’re clear headed.

That’s all for now Net Neighbors. Remember to breathe, to have fun, and I’ll see you around the Net Neighborhood.

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